"We are extremely excited to announce that Mate is releasing the sophomore full length, ‘Ventajas de ser optimista’ (Advantages of being an optimist), It is a collection of singable stories crafted by Alberto Matesanz (aka Mate) singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who has created a lot of excitement in the indie pop community. There's something very warm and welcoming about Mate’s music, and there's hardly a song out of the 11 tracks that doesn't contain that solid sunniness. If you are looking for a great modern pop offering with a spiritual feel, you found it! Personal and unpretentious, Mate generate luminous pop songs with a deep sense of longing and nostalgia. This is a mature, intelligent pop record that proofs that there's life in the pop underground yet, a cause for serious celebration. Recorded mostly at Calle Mayor studio, Alberto has received the remarkable support of Ramón Leal in the recording of percussions and drums. Again Mr Mate has travelled to the Alex the Great Studio in Nashville Tennesse (USA) to gather the magic touch of Brad Jones who has added subtleties to the songs creating absolute pop splendor. He is a real genius and artisan. The final touch has the mastering signature of another renowned prodigy Mr. Jim DeMain’s who resides in his spaceship (YesMaster studio/ Nashville). The purity of the harmonies, the very preciousness and melancholy of Matesanz's songwriting will attract fans of French sounds (Delerm, Biolay, Marchet, Dominique A, Daho…), Sarah records, Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Kings of Convenience… However Mate has not attempted to xerox a winning sound. Rather than being a return to form, this record is a leap forward in maturity, intensity and depth. Alberto Matesanz has established himself along the way as one of our generation's great songwriters. His clean, timeless pop songs, with clever lyrics that sometimes force a smile, are unique. While the guitars are clean and pretty, the vocal harmonies and soundscapes add just the right kick to a traditionally structured pop tune. At first glance, the songs seem very joyful and sunny. But there’s a subtext to the lyrics that stretches across nearly every song, daydream moments, surrealism and a fascinating dichotomy of light and melancholy. This is a perfect record for a Summer of Brazilian rythms, an Autumn repleted with chamber pop arrangements, a Spring of crystal clear guitars and a Winter of melancholy laments. This is a wonderful album, and belongs in the collection of any serious music fan of almost any genre. These are golden performances of eternal songs recorded with top inspiration. In a word and without hyperbole: Masterpiece."

Interview for Mondosonoro
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