'Ventajas de ser optimista'
'Advantages of being an optimist', Siesta 238

Songs [Click to listen]

01 El paisaje (The landscape)
02 Pájaros (Birds)
03 Normal
04 La equilibrista (The string walker)
05 Se rueda (It rolls)
06 Los papeles (Papers)
07 Melancolía en el verano (Summer melancholy)
08 Genoveva
09 La novia (The girlfriend)
10 Pipo
11 Vértigo (Vertigo) [Click to watch videos, concerts...]

“Pipo, don't get angry don't you eat the vowels”

“Ventajas de ser optimista” takes Mate back to the road with 11 new songs which intend to be the exact opposite of his previous album. Full of optimism and with a smile on his face, Mate creates luminous songs with encounters, surrealism and some odd fleeting nostalgic moments. An album matured under the midday sun, where nothing is new but with still many things to be discovered: birds send messages from the Pacific, the tightrope walker falls off the rope pushed by the clocks and Pipo minces his vowels whilst searching for the thermal water spring that cures insecurity.


Produced by Alberto Matesanz.
Recorded at Calle Mayor, Madrid, except for drums recorded at Ramón Leal's studio, and Javier Muguruza's vocals at MAMUSIK, Donostia, by Mikel Azpiroz.
Mixed by Brad Jones at Alex the Great, Nashville, USA.
Mastering by Jim Demain at Yesmaster, Nashville, USA.

Alberto Matesanz: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Almudena López Villalba: vocals
Miguel Ángel Domínguez: bass
José San Martín: drums
Jacobo López Villalba: cello
Germán San Martín: hammond, wurlitzer, piano
A. Pareja: electric guitars

Roberto CLINT: horn in ‘Pájaros’ and ‘Los papeles’
Pipo Garcés: clarinet in ‘Pipo’
Blanca Lacasa: vocals in ‘Los papeles’
Brad Jones: mellotron in ‘Genoveva’

Jabier Muguruza sings in ‘Se rueda’, courtesy of Elkar.

Photos by Luis Díaz.
Disegn by Paco Lacasta.

All songs written by Alberto Matesanz -Mate- except for ‘Los papeles’, by Blanca Lacasa and Alberto Matesanz, and edited by Ediciones Perezosas and Warner Chappell.

Vanessa Garde proposed wise ideas to arrange ‘Pájaros’, and Antonio Pareja named the album.
Thanks to SIESTA and, specially, to all the people that has participated and promoted this record.

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