Alberto Matesanz -MATE- started his solo career in 2005 with the publication of his first album “Sol de Medianoche” (Siesta 198). Recorded in Madrid and mixed in Nashville by the renowned producer and bassist Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Ron Sexsmith, Mathew Sweet, etc.), ‘Sol de Medianoche’ is a collection of 10 atmospheric pop songs that show an intimate and emotional universe, an album elaborated with nocturnality to be listened under the winter’s heat and the summer’s cold. ‘Sol de Medianoche’ has taken MATE and his band from Nashville to Berlin –Popkomm festival-, and from Berlin to Caracas –NuevasBandas foundation-, and to a great part of the Spanish territory, where he has received excellent criticism and has been named one of the best albums in 2005.

Recently MATE has been working on his eagerly awaited second album: ‘Ventajas de ser optimista’ (Siesta 238). This album was also recorded in Madrid and mixed by Brad Jones in Nashville. The eleven songs included in the album intend to be the exact opposite of the previous album: an eclectic and luminous pop to be listened under the midday sun. Ventajas de ser optimista’ draws landscapes on a background made up of Brazilian rhythms and portraits characters who hop around guitar arpeggios and rest on string arrangements. There is also time for sensations, images and feelings with naked songs that make the lyricism of the voice and the guitar stand out in front of songs that are swathed with the rest of instruments. MATE shows an excellent condition to turn simple melodies into exciting, enjoyable, lyrical and entertaining passages.

MATE also forms part of the duet Plastic d’amour. Here he puts music to the lyrics of Blanca Lacasa. He has published three albums working on this project: ep (2002), Olivia (2003), and Nicolás (2006). Likewise, he has participated contributing with compositions towards other musical projects of the Siesta label such as ‘las escarlatinas’ (with songs such as 'Lloraré', 'Submarinos en 3D and 'Red bar', and his amusing Spanish version of Belle&Sebastian’s 'Storytelling'), ‘beldivioleta’ and ‘cristina georgina’.